Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not the Steve-o

Random quotes, without context, recently spoken (or sang) in my presence:

I always prefer the Bob Dylan performances where he remembers to bring his consonants.

I bet she's got a nice little toaster oven.

I sleep good. I have one-two beers and sleep like monkey.

Oh, I like the usual girl things. Hop scotch, dress-up dolls. Getting my patch pounded every Friday night.

Incense peckermints la la la la. Incense peckermints la la la la.

I like to start my day with the newspaper and a bowl of bran flakes. Then I spend the rest of the day just hoping for a good BM.

Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes right to the bone.

Oh no! My moustache is on the floor and it's running away!

What a country eh? Where even the poor can be decadent.

Royal Meats? What kind of place is that? Ah, yes I'll have the Prince Andrew on toast please. But leave out the stringy bits.


This article brought to you by the Matt LeBlanc Anti-Virus Society.

Hi, this is Matt Leblanc reminding you to cover and cough. Don't let the godless Russians - I mean - flu virus - destroy the human race.

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Chris Benjamin said...

I am in a hundred percent agreement about Bob Dylan concerts.