Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FWG is still alive...

... just hasn't had proper internet access since November 2010, making blog-posting rather a pain in the butt. Articles have been piling up on my own computer while I borrow others' every once in a while to access the net, all the while ignoring the existence of jump drives, flash drives, USB sticks and USB keys - which I suspect are all precisely the same thing. Can someone please pick a term and lets stick with it? Honestly, you elite tech developers are coming dangerously close to joining the lawyers, politicians, auto mechanics and white rappers who will have their corpses dragged through the streets on the Glorious Day Of Purification.

Anyhoo... this is my promise that I shall somehow persevere and start posting regularly again - yes, as if I have any credibility on that matter and as if anyone was actually around to read this.

And that's all I'll say for now because one of the dobermans that comes with the laptop I'm currently using, won't stop playing "Look-I'm-a-Rubber-Chicken" and trying to flop on my head. I'm not even kidding. He's a complete freak.

Oh - but I was kidding about Purification Day. No such thing as far as I know. And I don't support the practice of corpse dragging at all. I also don't support use of the word anyhoo but I thought I should try it once just to be sure.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back!


Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Thanks for picking up the slack while I was gone... not!

Emma said...

ok really, i love this stuff, keep it coming.
hope you are well, actually and have you finished your novel, would you consider writing a graphic novel? i would love to illustrate one and it could be a graphic illustration of global nonsense and k9 home invasion. i'm open to invention.

glad you are back online.
i dumped everything on my blog so far... i just hated keeping up with the flaming punctuation, spelling and grammar. i mean geeeeeze, i only buy books for the pictures and happen to like your blog by some strange fluke, i guess.

please don't post this, didn't know how else to offer my appreciation.
if you say "punctuation", i will just have to get over it.

namaste and metta
crazy daisy

Anonymous said...

I happen to LOVE using anyhoo... lol lol lol...

anyhoo bud, hi. *snicker*

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Emma: I have nothing against graphic novels but haven't had any story ideas so far that I think might work well in that format. Not that I've put much thought into it. Writing a graphic novel has never occurred to me before.