Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tranportation update

I've now learned to take an umbrella with me for my bus stop hikes in the rain, clever adaptable bastard that I am. That didn't stop me from getting a pair of moderate soakers the other night, however, and spending twelve hours at work with wet feet.

The next night was colder and featured nice dry ice everywhere. People in Dundas show little interest in clearing their ice despite that old public information campaign where Brit cartoonist Ben Wicks chants, "Be nice! Clear your ice!". The problem with that, of course, is that no one is looking for ways to become nice. Everyone thinks they're already nice because their instincts force them to believe it. Everyone thinks that their own particular little detours from the rules and laws and ethics of our society are precisely the sum of perfectly acceptable ones. Instinct at work again. And motorists don't think about the dangers of their sidewalk because they don't use sidewalks and anyone who's not like them can't really matter, can they?

Well I can tell you: those sidewalks are dangerous. I basically had to walk for a kilometer and a half down the centre of the road in order not to fall on my ass, while hoping to not get run over.

Public Transportation 2
Doomsday 5

New Years eve the bus was free. Cool! I presume this is the municipal government's way of demonstrating its commitment to the battle against drunk drivers, terrorists, pedophiles and witches. Well. Mostly the drunk drivers, I guess.

Public Transportation 3
Doomsday 5

Wait a minute? Did Ben Wicks really do public service commercials, chanting, Be nice, clear your ice? I confess I may be delusional.


Anonymous said...

I think you were just in at my blog... I am not sure if you are one of the writers from the Hamilton group but if you are in Dundas - chances are good.
I am writing at and also at so if I don't see you at Chester's - I hope to see you here there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry too I hate to ask you but I can't find the follow button on your blog and also I wanted to tell you that I like your blog a lot so far. I would love there to be a Like widget and some stuff that makes it easier to share. I shared your poet science post on my Facebook wall, with a cut and paste. Let me know, if you have the time to, by commenting on one of my blogs so that I can keep up on your posts.