Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Typical Sunday Night

On Sunday I tracked my time at my weekly 12-hour gig at the Big Empty Warehouse so as to measure a sampling of my productivity. It was not the best of shifts. I became tired later in the shift and thus my creative endeavors were given more to passive music listening (though not entirely un-poetic) and less to writing.

Results in minutes:

120 explored music
90 watched DVD - comedian Louis CK
85 security patrols
75 composed music. No significant results
70 correspondence
65 writing
45 visited with good friend/co-worker
35 young writers group preparation
25 meals
20 pack/unpack
20 editing
20 played chess
10 updated personal budget
5 phone call

More significantly, by category:

315 create/explore (too low)
155 liesure/entertainment (too high)
130 mundane details of life (too high)
85 security work (oh well. Must earn a paycheque)

That was a boring post but useful for me. Sorry about that.



Elizabeth Twist said...

Is this photo the *actual* Big Empty Warehouse? It is big and empty.

If you've got time, I've tagged you to answer 11 random questions over at my place. Questions are at the bottom of this post.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I'll always make time for you, Dahlink.

And no, that is not THE Big Empty Warehouse. It is some other. My new shigital camera came with no batteries, no memory and no memory card, all of which I really must resolve.