Wednesday, October 03, 2012

White noise

Every other weekend my partner at Corrections Heaven is a retired police officer - a former sergeant actually. We'll call him... Goodolwhiteboy, shall we?

I took the liberty of recording Goodolwhiteboy's comments for the first twenty minutes of our shift last night. Here they are, without context:

"Are we still doing those fuckin' extra head counts?"

"Fuckin' smokers; pain in the ass."

[yawns loudly] "Fuck."

"NO! You're too fuckin' old!"

"Jesus Christ; Fuckin' pain in the ass..."

"All I do... Pain in the ass."

"There's enough smokes in here for a fuckin' army!"

"Don't be fuckin' saucy! I'm not in the mood for this shit!"

That was the first twenty minutes of a twelve-hour shift. Multiply this by 36 and you get an idea of the soundtrack to which I attempt to write. Now you know why my characters swear so much.

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