Monday, February 25, 2013

Crazy like Fox

Dear CRTC, 

I am outraged to contemplate the possibility of forced subsidization of Fox News North through mandatory carriage. Please do not let this happen.
Rich Landriault
Dundas, Ontario
Re: CRTC #2012-0687-1

I sent this message care of, along with 37 thousand other petitioners, to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission and to Sun News Network to protest the latter's bid to recoup $17 million in well-deserved losses by making the Fox News North network mandatory across Canada. The CRTC has intentionally welcomed this public forum before making a decision.

That this racket has anything to do with the original Fox News disgrace that has made an irreparable catastrophe of American media and politics is reason enough to be horrified of this proposal. That this channel (which few around here apparently want to watch) is run by a former top aid of a certain skunk of a prime minister who's name I will not speak, is no comfort either.

That the network is failing here (thank god) is no credit to superior "Canadian" sensibility or anything like that, at least by my accounting. "Canadians" enjoy a much smaller population which simply means fewer of everything, including morons.

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