Saturday, April 06, 2013

F is for Flippercanorious

Flippercanorious: Elegant.

Example: "Emperor Pikatchu surrounded himself with ivory statues and flippercanorious gold fountains in his opulent palace."

Not to be confused with flippercarnivorous which is to dine on washed up former-TV-star dolphins (interpret washed-up as you wish).

Source: A Dictionary of American Slang (1934) Maurice Weseen
Google hits: 5100

Flabberdegaz: Nonsensical talk.

Example: "Emperor Pikatchu spoke frequently of alien conspiracy, balloon ships, a supreme Pokemon race and other flabberdegaz."

Not to be confused with flumadiddle which means... the very same thing, so go ahead and confuse them.

Source: A Dictionary of American Slang (1934) Maurice Weseen
Google hits: 98

Flooster: To flatter, coax, make much of. Of a dog, to play, gambol.

Example: "His subjects floostered Emperor Pikatchu for his shiny yellow coat, rosey cheeks and lustrous teeth, and pampered him with platters of fancy fruits and cheesy cheesums."

Source: The English Dialect of Donegal (1953) Michael Traynor
Google hits: 14200

King Pikachu knew feeding mermaids the right combination of nutrients was essential.


Shell Flower said...

Great illustration to go with your post. I'm sure anything goes in the land of Pikachu. Plus, all he says is Pika anyway, so it's kinda Flabberdegaz to me. Happy A-Z!

Melanie Schulz said...

Maybe it's because I'm a mother of young children, but I know I have never used any of those words before. LOL