Monday, January 19, 2015

New Day Rising: The Vision

As much as I hate corporations, I must respect their ruthless efficiency. And so I take a page from their playbook in another attempt to prioritize my life and generate productivity:


In a universe where death is the rule, the dominant natural state of all things, and life is so rare a miracle, only sustainable for the briefest duration and only by killing or maligning other life, true harmony; the absence of suffering, has not been possible – until this very recent mutation: consciousness, a very limited self-awareness which has made possible a new breed of evolution, one both strengthened and leveraged by its susceptibility to intent, an evolution which bears the capacity to turn a cold and deadly universe into a place of joyful, peaceful, harmonious life.

This is the one true drama in the universe, and the one true drama in human existence. All humans have, in whole or in part, the capacity to become champions of harmony, and all humans play a vital role in this great drama every moment of their lives, whether they realize it or not.

With every waking thought and action, whether they know it or not, each human either works in favour of this evolution, and thus celebrates humanity, or else works against it, and thus espouses death. There is no neutrality, nor is there escape from consequences. Humans suffer constantly for their celebration of death, with little capacity to account for their suffrage nor to recognize it for what it is.

Next step: a mandate.

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