Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Finding truth

I want to highlight this excellent comment from a recent post in which I drifted into a bit of a rant:
IntrepidReader said...
"You ask some very good questions. Where DO you go to find the truth? It is surely not out there in social media land and if it is, it's pretty hard to discern. News networks are supposed to bring the truth, but what they really want is ratings. I thought the church I attend would lead me to it, but it is just as motivated by politics and money as everything else. Maybe the truth lies within us, in our hearts...maybe we know it we just have to look for it."

For the sake of concision I will not address social media at this moment. As for news networks and churches there are certainly many barriers to truth because truth will often conflict with the entity’s higher priorities including their own survival. They are also both prone to the reality that bias, like all forms of shit, flows downhill.

I promise to get back to you with a video clip in which a filthy-rich media mogul admits outright that when something is important enough to him he makes sure the message gets out via all [hundreds of] his media channels. So much for the independence of media myth.

What’s important to note is that media and religion are both examples of organizations and right there everything goes to hell: All organizations (including corporations, charities, political parties, governments etc.) are immediately a disaster because they are fundamentally corrupt in their very conception. Humans construct organizations as if the people who inhabit them will also inhabit the vision and principles of the organization themselves. Which is not true. They assume that policies and audits can enforce this, which they can’t.

The individual people who inhabit organizations are each loyal to their own individual instincts well above any loyalty to the organization, whether they know it or not. As such they are permanently attentive to their own personal best interests which include keeping the appearance that they are loyal to the organization. All the actions of an organization are derived from a sea of duplicity and rationalization. Most organizations do far more harm than good. And this does not even take into account the intentional masquerades which are consciously concocted in board rooms everywhere.

Organizations are like money launderers who clean up the reputations of their individuals through the scheme of organizational structure which is in essence a legalized escape from accountability and liability.

But on to better things!

Maybe the truth lies within us, in our hearts...maybe we know it we just have to look for it.
Ah… now this is gold!

A sincere search for truth invariably leads to the most corrupt forces we personally know. Poets will tell you; even Einstein would tell you: it is our own mind; the devilish super-power; the forces of instinct which spin the illusion of consciousness. This is the source of the fears, the vanity, the addictions, the infatuation with identity; all the things at odds with truth in our own experience. Yes we must look inward. Only through much inward searching and reflection can we begin to see the shadows of these covert operations. To become familiar with them is to become familiar, finally, with our own society beyond the veneer. Only then is the greater truth accessible.

As I’ve said here before. it took a lot of courage and solitude for me to find my way to this road, and I have yet to reach the end.

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IntrepidReader said...

It has been my experience that an organization, regardless of what it is trying to do, usually ends up following the agenda of its strongest member. And everyone else, for their own personal reasons, either follows along or tries to thwart the strongest person, either in an outright manner or in devious ways. It's not very often you see a true representation of an organization's goals in the committees that are supposed to be carrying them out. Interest topic.