Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hail to the Chiefs

A little poem I wrote. Because of it's political nature I'm not sure I want to post it on my Writing Group's web site. So I'm giving it life here instead:

Hail to the Chiefs

I asked Mister President what he had to say
About sending that plane the Enola Gay
To kill all those women and children that day

He just sneered and laughed my question away

It was the Nazis who first did business that way!
The blame lies not with me but they!
I saved a million boys' lives that day.
One million American soldiers! Hurray!

Do such lies really keep your conscience at bay?
We condemned those Nazis but now you say
That they were only trailblazers paving the way
Making your A-bombs A-okay?

Well now that that's clear, what will you say
On the terrible deadly reckoning day
When a thermonuclear fireworks display
Sets flight 'cross the ocean America's way?

Do you think if you plead and if you pray
You can somehow wish those missiles away?
What goes around comes around, they always say
It's not God who will deliver your judgement day

For a harbour you blew two cities away
For two towers you made two countries pay
What runaway pride, what moral decay
Has bent your judgement so badly astray?

Has left your own citizens so sadly betrayed?

You make more and more enemies every day
For your sins, which generation will pay?
Your grandchildren, your children or we here today?

Important notice to all CIA and CSIS agents:

This author is not a terrorist nor is he even "anti-American". He's just some guy who's not afraid to state the obvious and who thinks twice about taking any more vacations in New York City. So don't go getting your knickers in a knot for goodness sake.

Oh and please don't stop me from crossing the border! The only place I ever go anymore is Buffalo and that's just to watch the hockey games - and honestly - would any terrorist in his right mind be plotting to bomb Buffalo? Such an act might be construed as a favor!

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