Monday, April 17, 2006

Poetry Exercise #2

This poetry exercise is even more restrictive than the last. We were each given a handful of random words. In my case - a great many of them were paint sample chips (they have colourful titles printed on them, you see).

We had to paste them onto a page in some order that formed a poem. We could only add simple words such as
and, she, the, at, with etc.

I found the ordeal bizarre and amusing! This is what I came up with:

The countess laughed and winked
She smiled at the eager violet lipped fairies
In their pink diamonds and petrie plum ribbons
Everyone felt alive
Ravenous they ate sweet corn and aged mint
With the painted storks and the gazelles until dusk

Now in the middle of the night they awakened
With the tides of the seven seas
and babbling with full blown rapture
They ecstatically conjured up sunlit topazes
And amassed them, sealing them

In hot pink barrels!


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