Friday, July 28, 2006


I once read an anecdote by an arctic explorer or something that claimed to have witnessed a polar bear making his way across the crest of a great icy hill when he lost his footing - the bear that is - and fell slipping and sliding down the great hill to the bottom.

The bear, so the story goes, then slowly and steadily climbed the hill to get back to the top where he turned - and slid down again.

I've always been sceptical. Might a bear really toboggan for fun?

We've had a tremendous wind storm here at the office today. We're near the airport and we get the highest winds here for miles around.

My cubicle is on the second floor of our office building. I'm right by the window. Right outside the window is a tall tree and in the tree today - sat a raccoon.

The wind is not steady but comes in strong gusts and brief lulls. The raccoon was quite high in the tree where the branches are weaker and the winds higher and the sway of the tree runs a greater arc.

The poor guy was getting thrown around pretty good. Quite the wild ride.

So what did he do? Did he climb down safely? Oh no.

He climbed higher.



Dave said...

Wow, you seem to have an abundance of raccoons.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Well said, Dave.

And furthermore - their breath smells like raccoon food.



Dave said...

ok, I've noticed you're leaving strings of random letters after some of your comments...what up with that?



Fantasy Writer Guy said...


A naive notion. They are the mysterious messages that appear near the bottom of these 'comments' dialogue boxes right underneath the login area. They appear in different colors and are often wavy, not straight.

This one reads xyjtrq and is read. I presume it's red because the spacecraft is currently moving toward, not away from, planet Earth. I'm convinced these are attempted communications from alien lifeforms and I'm trying to invite dialogue.

Xyjtrq! Xyjtrq! I hear you! Peace!

Dave said...

whoa...freaky. Check out
You're not alone in this viewpoint.
btw...did you figure out what my string of letters was?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Hmmm. Interesting. This knottyboy fellow is on board with the whole intergalactic text messaging thing. That's cool. Unfortunately he hasn't taken such a progressive view as I. He seems to think the whole universe is after his buttcheeks.

Oh well. Time will tell.

Old Mc-Rnihwkjs had a farm. Ee-eye-ee-eye-oh...

Dave said...

Well, maybe not the whole universe, but I'm sure there's plenty here on earth who do. Come on, he's quite cute. :o)