Tuesday, September 05, 2006

3-Day Novel Contest: Day 1

From: Fantasy_Writer_Guy Sep-3 2:12 am

Greetings from Streetsville Ontario (writing from home)

Ee-gads! My 'stats' are terrible!

words: 4000
pages: 16
deaths: None so far but the ex-wife-of-the-writer character is gonna get it in chapter 15. Boy is she ever! Her only saving grace is that I'm not on pace to make it that far. I'm only on chapter 3!

I ended up on the phone most of the day. Stupid. Gonna have to seriously buckle down now. Luckily I'm a total night-writer and having just polished off a 60oz pitcher of iced coffee I might be in pretty good shape by dawn!

HyacinthH: I'm so glad you decided to come out and play!

Vorpal: Excellent use of the word underabundance! I don't care if it's really a word or not. Bravo!

cherilu: ditto on the word numbbum! Excellent. I haven't created any new words today unless you count the phrase "gave the old squirt-and-swipe to a windshield spider..." Can't imagine what I was thinking. I assume that's the last thing the judge will read before tossing my piece in the blue box.

Best wishes to all! Lets kick some literary butt on day 2!

From: Fantasy_Writer_Guy Sep-3 3:58 am

Well - so much for the night-writer's quest for dawn. I keep falling asleep at the keyboard and having little dreamettes of Kathy Bates chopping at my ankles.

Maybe I shouldn't say this but who red the book 'Misery' about the poor author held prisoner and forced to write a novel on demand?

Dreamettes? Okay I finally made up a word. It's official. I've cracked.

Going to bed and praying I dream of a shorter route to my ending. G'night kids. See you at the crack of noon...

Day 1 highlight:

"Babysitting for someone?"
"Very funny. He's twenty-four."
"He looks fifteen."
"You're exaggerating. But he is cute, don't you think?"
"All children are cute. It's a defense mechanism. It's biological."
"He's not a child. He'll be twenty-five next month."
"Well, that's just over half your age. I suppose that makes it okay. Does he shave yet?"
"He doesn't have to. He's Croatian. They're not hairy at all. It's biological." They looked back to Cas and he was still grinning impishly.
"Say hi to him for me. I have to get on with things here. Have to get through this line and make my speech or we'll be here all night." He took the book from her and found the title page.
"I noticed I wasn't included in the dedication."
"Nor were a lot of people, Lorrie. I'm sorry. I suppose I should have wrote, to Lorrie who dumped me when I grew to old for her tastes. If it weren't for that I'd never have got my shit together."
"Exactly. I would have appreciated that. Listen, I'm house-sitting for my sister for a couple weeks in August. Her place is out in the country. Remember? Come visit me will you? There's a hot tub - and a fire pit out back. We can grill steaks over the fire and you can smoke a cigar."
"Sure," said Ron, "We'll do that." He flipped twice forward to the dedication page and wrote,

To Lorrie,
May this book bring out the kid in you

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