Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3-Day Novel Contest: Day 2

From: Visaman Sep-3 9:40 am

Anyone writing a sweet love story or a tale about cute bunnies?

I'm writing a story about Cougars.

Oh yeah one person dead so far, and I'm only starting page 15. ;-)

From: Fantasy_Writer_Guy Sep-3 4:17 pm
To: Visaman

As a matter of fact I have written about Cougars AND bunnies! A woman in her late 40's refers to her 24-year-old lover as the 'energizer bunny' because of his overactive libido. Too funny.

This is the most perverted stuff I've ever written. Oh dear. I shall be locked up for this...

From: foiled_again Sep-3 3:31 pm

Does anyone know how much a REALLY expensive couch would cost. But REALLY expensive?

And would it make sense for it to be Italian leather, or is there a specific company that makes really high-end couches that I should know about?

This is so not my world...

Thanks for any help.

From: Fantasy_Writer_Guy Sep-3 4:36 pm
To: foiled_again

I once sat on a couch that was $25,000 CDN. It was bright lime green but absolutely the most incredibly comfortable soothing place I've ever been. Seriously.

Hope you've overcome your block. If not - make something new happen. anything. Make a pregnant woman suddenly give birth. Make a frozen urine ball fall from a plane and crash through someone's roof! Anything! just write!

From: sophiesgirl Sep-3 6:26 pm



A book in 3 days, what the hell were we thinking! I'm on page 46 still thinking, gotta write, gotta write. I need to be at page 75 tomorrow so I don't have to write another 50 pages on the last day. Gotta write.

I am going freakin' nuts. I don't want to write anymore!

Ok, back to writing.

From: Fantasy_Writer_Guy Sep-3 6:32 pm
To: sophiesgirl

Yes. We're all insane.

What - you didn't realize that before coming in? Sorry about your luck. Next time look before you leap!

Oh look - the Hindenburg is hovering outside my window. Guard! GUARD!!

Day 2 highlight:

"Well - there's some things you just can't share with your parents. My on-line friends - it's a chat-room. And they're into things - well - things you just can't have your parents finding out about."
"My curiosity is piqued."
"They're into S and M."
"Oh really?"
Theresa laughed. "I can't believe I'm telling you this."
"Suffice to say - you're into it too."
"So are you an 'S' or an 'M'?"
"Do you know what they mean?"
"I do. Sadism and masochism."
"Well - I'm an 'M' - at the moment anyway. I think I could play either role. Are you shocked?"
"Not at all. Why should I be?"
"Some people are shocked by deviant behavior."
"I don't think there's anything deviant about it. I understand it's common all over the world thus it's self-evidently a natural phenomenon. Although personally, I don't understand the attraction. Sexually I'm all about tenderness and gentleness so I'm really at the opposite end of the scale. I once read a short book by Marquis de Sade and it was rather grotesque. It certainly didn't excite me at all. Mind you - this piece was not about sexual role-playing obviously. It touched on some nasty things. Torture, necrophilia, pedophilia. As a child he dug up his mother's corpse and fucked her skull. He was a sick sonofabitch apparently though I can't believe half that stuff was even true. I'm assuming those aren't the kinds of things you're into!"

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