Friday, July 04, 2008

Aequitas: Fallen

Several things were revealed to me
But I turned a blind eye, refused to see
What was there, awaiting and alee.

Home was not where I thought it was,
Instead it was elsewhere, and all because
I turned my back on those in need,
Succumbing instead to lust, and greed.

And I think I know of all my flaws;
Sins, weakness, and disregard for law,
And so the pit opens and I fall into the maw.

I've fallen before, but never this far,
My dignity lost, and my presence barred
From where I want to spend my life,
And all I can do is whine and gripe.

And the failure I feel seems so unreal
Except for the loss of one so costly,
But mostly I feel that you weren't there,
Frigid, distant, without a bit of care,
And stealing from me was something unfair.
For you, I feel spite, but never despair,
Because you have hardened my heart.

1 comment:

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I think this piece is marvelous; especially the pit imagery. It strikes me much like Dante's pit references and Francesco Petrarch's "[human nature] by custom downward hurled". Very powerful stuff. Bravo.