Sunday, September 07, 2008

Aequitas: Nightingales

Dread not the coming dark of night
The whispering winds
And hidden frights.
A pallid light washes over all,
The leaves, once green, begin their fall.

A silvery moon, thin and wan
A nightingale sings it's waking song
The glimmer of stars
Though something's wrong.
Here it will be, ere long.

Then a blackened sky
Storm clouds brew from on high.
Churning with the wind,
And I rescind into my nest
And hope and pray for the best.

A flash of light
Illumes the night
Caught me unawares.
For to my left, and to my right
A twin pair of stares.
Hollow stares, cold as death,
And I need rest,
For I'll be tested yet again.
And as the nightingales grow silent
The storm unleashes violence,
The night that never ends.

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