Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FWG: Code Blue

Better another and another cigarette
With every breath borrowed against terminal debt.
These charcoal lungs haven’t failed just yet.

Better another and another stiff drink
Then a lucid mind with which to think.
Wellness be damned! Let mortality shrink!

Shortness of breath is a portent of death,
Still the method of suicide be sold
By the pint, by the bottle, the pack or the carton.
A nice long drag it is, getting old.

Ignoring the signs; the future declined.
Such apathy in the glare of his danger,
But when skin’s pallor ices with alarm bell devices,
My, how they fly to the aid of a stranger.


Anonymous said...

Your poem (especially with the photo at the end) kind of reminds me of all the people who I've seen smoking outside of the hospital. Usually, a good number of them are nurses.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

And some, amazingly, are doctors.