Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Steve-o: The Final Farewell

Well, I hate to say it, But my close association to Steve-o-of-Streetsville has come to an end and I can only come up with four previously undisclosed offerings. This shall be the end of the Steve-o series but take heart. Between everyone else I know, combined, I tend to hear enough peculiar things that I will continue to post along a similar vein. Unfortunately - or fortunately - there are no more Steve-o's, but we'll do the best we can in his absence.

As always - words in italics were sang, not spoken:

Falafel, you came and you bought me a turkey, on my vacation from workie.

Did you capture the chili monster and cook him?

Okay kids! It's almost bed time! Brush your teeth and get your jammies on and smoke your two packs of cigarettes!

HELLO WISCONSIN! Dee dee dee, dee dee dee, Hangin out, down the street, playin badminton, standin on my feet...

The sentiments expressed above are not shared.


Babs said...

Hi Fwig! Steve-o will be missed horribly. I am sad now.

Anonymous said...

I will try my best to remember to document our Phillipisms... and of course to a more garbled and nonsensical extent: Leahisms.

Find a kooky kid to observe, they've got some good stuff to spew too.

Automattic said...

I am sad to see the end of this segment on your blog. I guess I'll have to start hanging out at the psych ward if I want to get my fill of random yet hilarious gibberish.