Thursday, May 28, 2009

Word of the Day

Now what kind of self-proclaimed writer would I be if I didn't offer a regular feature that promises to enrich the reader's vocabulary? Of course, "Day" must be taken loosely. With my track record it may be more like word-of-the-year.

Today's word: GRANDBASTARD

Definition: I don't really know for sure. Possibly it refers to the bastard child of your legitimate offspring. Or it could be the legitimate child of your bastard offspring. Or perhaps it is just one who is a phenomenal jerk. Who knows?

Let's see it in a sentence:

"...Lord Frey, who had outlived seven wives and filled his twin castles with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and bastards and grandbastards as well."

------ George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Great book, by the way. Many thanks to Aequitas for the recommendation.

So there you have it. Please join us for tomorrow's word of the day, freckelshnowzercat.


Unknown said...

That is so much unlamer than Visual Thesaurus' WOTD. Please keep finding and posting these!
Grandbastard indeed.

Roger said...

yet another author who should quit fooling around and finish the dam series before he dies of some genetically modified, complex jungle rot and leaves the world hanging like Robert Jordan did........

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Wow. Clearly 'Unlamer' will have to be the next WOD.

Roger, this is terrifying news. I didn't know the series was unfinished. I finally broke my personal Unfinished Series Rule recently by digging into King's Dark Tower series before it was finished (because clearly it will never be). And now this? Between Martin and King my life is turning to chaos.