Saturday, June 13, 2009

Genitals In Space?

So maybe you know. Maybe you didn't until now. I got me a security guard job. Not the kind where I can sit and write all night; not yet anyway, but the kind where I can alternately read and exercise which is very useful for now. It's like not having a job but still getting a pay cheque.

So I'm "working" at Slow Hawk College of Applied Arts and Technology and on this day I'm at the campus that specializes in trades. Automotive, Machine Shop, Hydraulics, Steamfitting, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Green Energy, yadda yadda yadda...

Having never experienced post-secondary education, I'm counting on you guys to help me out with a few things. First off is this:

I'm passing by a classroom and through the interior windows I see the instructor gesturing toward the diagram he has scrawled on the whiteboard which I have here duplicated as accurately as possible:

I'm dying to know what the heck this could be. I'm assuming it's not supposed to be a penis in a rocket ship. As far as I know, the only classes in session during this quiet summer semester fall into the carpentry, electrical, welding and automotive categories. If anyone has any familiarity with any of these trades (ahem, Roger) and has a guess what's going on in this picture -- I'm all ears.


Graham said...

Are you sure you didn't see an upside-down reflection?

Babs Gladhand said...

It is an upside down dude who unfortunately has a cock 'n' balls for eyes and a nose.

Roger said...

fwg, that is definatly a penis on a rocket ship. are you sure it wasnt an adult english as a second language class? it could be the on/off reactor switch for a thermo re-heater.... but i doubt it.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

OMG! Graham and Babs, thanks for the tip. He's totally an upside down dude. But I swear - this is an accurate likeness and the school only teaches trades - not upside-down dudery.

Roger, What can I say? I was counting on you. Perhaps the reactor switch theory demands further investigation. If so - what subject of text book should I peruse?