Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not much to say

Conversation ten minutes ago:

Cleaner #1: "Good evening!"

Me: "Good evening. How are you tonight?"


"What time are guys here until tonight?"


"Do you understand what I'm asking?"

"Yes. Good evening!"

"Good evening."

Conversation two minutes ago:

Me: "Good evening!"

Cleaner #2: "Aaeeehhhy!"

"Right then."

Employing my remarkable analytical skills, I hereby deduce that the cleaning staff and I do not speak the same language.


Anonymous said...

That's hilariously confusing!
Those are some weirdly oriented people you work with. LOL!

That was cool talking to you today.
Hope you can get your computer fixed.

Anonymous said...

That's like the cleaning guy at our store (from Nigeria) who almost put out a customer's eye with his mop handle and smiled and nodded to the dude as he was yelling at him LOL

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Michael: I'm pretty sure they just didn't speak English. I don't know if I'll ever get the laptop fixed or just expect not to install any more new software. Maybe I have enough already! Hey - you should update your photo. What are you - nine in that picture!

Claudia: I'm unable to comment on your blog. Blogspot for some reason acts as though I'm not signed in when I'm signed in - but only for some occasions - like commenting on a blog other than my own. There are other problems too. Some have been going on for years. Stupid Blogspot. I regret choosing this site. Anyways - I just wanted to say that I hope your friend is not a serial killer, as your mom-in-law so helpfully postulates. But if she is - if you could ask her to kill whatever snotbag at blogspot is responsible for my woes...

Anonymous said...

Roger that FWG. At the next family gathering... oh in ... another year or so of ignoring me, I will let her know LOL