Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eat what!

This is currently my only guilty pleasure: Eat Poop You Cat - or EPUC for short - is the doodle/caption version of the classic telephone game. Web site has done a great job creating an online forum. You can start a new strip or you can call up a strip-in-progress and respond to the current panel. If the current panel is a picture, you respond with a caption - and vice-versa. Once you've submitted your panel, the entire strip-in-progress becomes visible to you.

For instance: I received this panel: I'm a gonna catch that goldfish this time!

And I responded with this:

It's great fun for anyone with creative urges of any skill level. The culture is adult but polite, often with some measure of sophistication. For those with other inclinations there are special groups such as The Troll Bridge where good-natured provocation is the norm or the Anarchy group where random craziness prevails.

Besides the drawing and captioning, you can view finished strips (always nine panels long). You can read and leave comments and you can award kudos to any panels you deem clever, skillful, funny or whatever. You can also track your kudos received and how you fit into the all-time standings.

There are more than a few significant artists as regulars but pros and amateurs are all friendly and supportive of one another. Fun stuff and always good for a laugh. Registration is a breeze. You just need a username and password and you're off. If you join up, my username is newday.