Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Lonely Lumberjack: Saddle The Wind

What would it be like
to saddle the wind
and ride on
such a streamlined steed

To traverse over the highest peaks
to have it answer
to your every need.

To skim the waves of the oceans
enter into the deepest ravine
brush the tips of the Redwoods
sweep the rooftops clean.

You could keep pace with the elephants
race with a fleeting gazelle
cruise through the tallest steeple
ring its massive bell.

Swish through grasses and flowers
causing them to nod and sway
to travel throughout the night
be far, far away
come the day.

Brush through the pines
making them rustle and sigh
prowl around the eaves of buildings
some not tall, some very high.

Only the wind is the freest of spirits
to capture it would not be fair
instead, let our imaginations take us
somewhere away out there.

The Lonely Lumberjack

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