Sunday, April 23, 2017


I think the reason most bloggers do not blog every day is generally because they don’t have enough to say. Or else they think they don’t have that much to say.

I have more than enough that I wish to say (whether appreciated or not). One of my April objectives is to defeat the barriers which keep me from posting. One of them is this: If it’s too simple and obvious then I’m reluctant to say it.

Because A-Z is so structured I feel like there is no room to go exploring on the page until something subtle and useful comes out and thus the subtle useful thing must in this case be part of the plan. And for letter H this year, there is no such plan. But here: let me hold my nose and swiftly get this over with.

April A-to-Z:  A Celebration of the Automobile! (If You’re the Devil)

H is for Health!

When I spent two months between vehicles; after the banana boat was grounded, I found myself in a very joyful position. I was often walking downtown (not downtown Scooterville but rather the village area of our particular burrough) in order to run small errands. I was also taking buses and walking to the stops. I was getting exercise and doing a small favour to the environment. My circumstance was physically healthier and mentally healthier.

Unfortunately the unreliable nature of bus company logistics convinced me that, given my current roster of commitments, I needed my own car again in order to be sufficiently reliable.

There is little doubt I think, that in this chronically obese society, we’d all be getting more exercise and subsequently healthier if it weren’t for our personal cars. The problems with making yourself an exception to this norm include the above instability, which is less a problem in heavy metro areas and a progressively greater problem the less urban you get, as less and less participants (and smaller budgets) leave public transport a flightier prospect; a less-robust system.

Another problem with being the exception in your community is that walking or biking for health/recreation is wonderful on the trails, but doing so out of logistical necessity means you’re sharing auto routes and sucking exhaust fumes the whole time. Not a boon to health.

And that’s about all I have to say on that topic. Short and sweet. And it frankly could have been a lot shorter. I think it’s great to be concise. And I know I’m generally a more concise (and appropriately, more subtle) writer than many. But I have to convince myself that it’s okay to post small pieces. In fact I should try to make it more the norm.


IntrepidReader said...

I like the nice short posts! I agree that we would all be healthier if we relied less on our cars and either walked or biked whenever we can. However you also raised a good point against that by saying we would be sucking in the fumes of automobiles if we are trying to do this in an urban area. It's just such an area that would benefit from less automobiles when people start using alternate methods of transportation. So, there you have a vicious circle.

IntrepidReader said...

Your requirement that I must indicate whether or not I am a robot is discriminatory against robots. Robots have rights too. They might enjoy your blog. Personally I don't like having to deny my true nature in order to read your blog.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I will see if I can turn off the predatory robot detection system! Thanks for your advice!

Uhrth said...

The more of us sucking (the fumes) the less creating them.
I like that you have a lot to say. Others who say the do, I find often repeat the same thing over and over.
Thanx for a fresh look.