Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Theme Reveal: April A to Z!

Oh what fun... it's April A-to-Z time. When you say to yourself you will blog every day (26 days actually) and hit every letter of the alphabet... A is for Apple... B is for Bugger Me, It's Day Three and I'm already behind...

I normally start dealing with this on March 1st and get some stuff prepared ahead of time (and then still usually fail to make it to Z). Not so this year. I didn't know until three minutes ago that I would be participating this year. But I accidentally went to facebook while browsing (a place I have almost no interest in anymore) and ran smack into an A-to-Z theme reveal post and thought "Hey, I should just do an A-to-Z on stuff that's wrong with my life! What could be easier than that?" The material is everywhere!

Theme revealed.

1 comment:

JazzFeathers said...

LOL! Call it a call to action!
But I think the AtoZ is such a fun experienc ethat it's go do do, whether you plan it or not, even even whether you come to Z or not.
Have great fun with it!