Friday, December 06, 2019

M is for Middling

In the last 36 hours I have:
  • Lost my wallet and $190.
  • Negotiated with burdened outdoor renovation workers to access my own driveway.
  • Attended the 8th or 9th annual Wafflepalooza of which I was a founding father.
  • Hugged friends.
  • Reminisced with my dear writer pals concerning the inspiring ascent of The Liaison, who departed oh so young on the verge of a writing career breakthrough.
  • Hugged more friends.
  • Tinkered with yet another indulgent mindcrack lair.
  • Found the wallet!
  • Barely -- barely -- endured the 45-minute torture of an ultrasound session in which the tech sweated buckets trying to push holes through me (drawing blood even but not much).
  • Butted heads politely with a senior bank associate trying to smother Gramps and I in a blanket of red tape and liability paranoia leaving me exhausted and almost hopeless before a wonderful junior associate, a young black man with brilliant instincts, wisdom and kindness gave us everything we needed as soon as the former departed.
  • Parked strategically so Gramps could piss in a parking lot.
  • Talked about life and literature with Earth Writer and remembered how we used to be closer (I think).
  • Attended Scooterville NaNo Thank God Its Over celebration.
  • Won nice little prizes.
  • Hugged friends I’m very glad to find are still friends.
  • Sat in the car hoping that a young person I will always care for will come to understand I would never ever want to hurt his feelings and that I only want his life to be better and him to be happy. And that’s all I’ll say about that.
I’m in the middle of things.


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