Tuesday, December 24, 2019

P is for Pyramid

Lately when pals ask me how I’m doing I have been a little stumped to answer this over-simple question which is understandably appropriate to ask. I ask it myself very often.

But I like to speak truthfully and thoughtfully and the truth is that things are good and other things are not so good, so… how to answer?

I think like this:

I am standing on the second or third lowest step of a great pyramid. There are many steps to get to the top. None of them are particularly easy but most are not particularly hard either. And every step is either one that I know how to climb or one that I will know how when the time comes.

At the top of the pyramid is improved health and improved productivity and the accumulation of accomplishment goals. The next few steps feel daunting though I know for sure I am capable. Inertia has been a beast but of late I have a little momentum. The main hurdle I think, through all of this, is that when I look around from down here on step two-or-three, I see nothing particularly worth looking at. And I am not convinced the view will be any better from the top.

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