Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day three

The housemate and I hit the grocery store first thing after they opened. I managed to score a 12-roll pack of poop tickets. So hooray. What little was there will not have lasted long. Or maybe they cleverly held more in the back? Sadly there were only a couple boxes of instant noodles remaining, which I grabbed. And I noticed the egg section was barren. Everything else looked fine that I noticed.

The cashiers were already stressed though their shifts had just begun. They were not pretending they wanted to be there. I thanked mine and wished her luck. She appreciated that and softened and connected.

Trust me when I say that this is the time to be grateful and not to bitch to cashiers about your dissatisfactory shopping experience. But if you are a special kind of out-of-it and do choose to bitch about your dissatisfaction to the cashier, have a look around at the human beings in line and notice the complete revulsion in their eyes. This is because you are the new terrorist/pedophile/drunk driver of the pandemic era.

We lugged our treasures back to the car, attacked the hand sanitizer and retreated back to the sanctuary, prepared for the siege.

With regards to the egg section, here's a short message from Lachlan Patterson:

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