Friday, March 20, 2020

Y is for YouTubers: Day two

Well, no breakthroughs yet. Only day two and I spent the whole of it fighting against solitude. I actually spent some time up on the second floor while the roommate came down from the third. We had a good chat and she even let me eavesdrop on a skype with her dad.

I had my own family skype in the evening, followed by a catch-up on my fave youtubers; Smosh Pit, Ozzy Man, SciShow, Miranda Sings, Fail Army

Outside of that I made a rare plunge into facebook, trying to catch up on everyone. And guess what? That’s impossible. I spent hours and hours and there were many good friends I didn’t get to at all. Facebook is a full time job - times three.

Oh and watched a few effective documentaries including: All Governments Lie - about I. F. Stone and those devotees who followed, on and The Fruit Machine on TVO.

As for the super-important to-do list, I didn’t even get around to taking my blood pressure pill.

Smosh Pit
Ozzy Man Reviews
Miranda Sings

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