Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Addendum to ‘Crossroads’

I confess I’m a little leery having to face a judge ostensibly to challenge a ticket when in fact I’m only interested in waiting for the trial to happen. At that point, I won’t care anymore about the ticket or whether I pay it. I’m not sure what I’ll say to him at that point.

I don’t think I’ll adopt the strategy of an old acquaintance of mine who once went to court for the very same reason – that of avoiding a suspension upon facing his 15th demerit point. But in his case the math was not in his favor. Simply waiting for the trial didn’t do the trick for him. He needed to get that ticket knocked down to a point-free level.

The judge clearly understood his situation and challenged him.

“Why do you get so many speeding tickets?” asked the judge.

“Well, your honor,” I live in Oakville and I work in Etobicoke. That’s a lot more driving than most people. So naturally I’m gonna get more tickets than most people.”

“Oh really?” said the judge. “Well, I live in Kleinburg and I work here in Oakville. That’s even more driving than you and I don’t get any tickets!”

“Yeah but you’re a judge,” objected my acquaintance. “You got a lot more clout than I do!”

Needless to say this prompted an immediate end to the proceeding and the ultimate suspension of his license.

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