Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Of Lucy, Yukons and Pooh Bears

On the way to work this morning on the highway 410 I found myself driving behind a big Yukon XL. If you’re not familiar with a Yukon - It’s almost like a vehicle only bigger. What purpose they serve is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s some kind of parasitic planet. It has wheels so that if it falls out of its orbit somehow, it can land on, and ride, some larger planet.

It was the very same Yukon XL I had driven behind yesterday on the way to work. Considering the thousands of cars that drive this route daily, this is quite a coincidence.

How do I know it was the same Yukon XL as yesterday? Because the license plate was distinctive. It read:


Isn’t that sweet? I like it. Someone - someone wealthy no doubt - fell in love with a gal named Lucy and wishing he could give her the moon, bought her a rolling planet instead, complete with personalized plates that proclaimed his adoration.

Or maybe he was a piss-poor someone and only bought her the plates. Either way it’s very romantic. I like it. This is the second most interesting license plate I’ve seen. At top spot is this one:


Yes. I kid you not. I saw it on a parked car while scouring a garage sale for cheap books. I ever so desperately want to believe that the intended unabbreviated message is ‘Pooh lover’ as in an admirer of Winnie- the-Pooh. I try not to be daunted by the glaring absence of the ‘H’.

Poo Lover? Oh bother! I can’t bear to think of it.


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Dave said...

Very interesting...
The Political Cartoon Gallery in the UK is having an event right now called "The Man Who Hated Pooh! The Political Cartoons of EH Shepard".
As it turns out, Shepard was a well-respected political cartoonist prior to accepting a job illustrating AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh series of books. He was very much resentful about only being known as "the Pooh guy", because he felt his political cartoon work was much better and more important.
And now you know....the rest of the story.
But I do love Pooh. Especially that one volume where he gets stuck in the Honda Accord several times. That crazy bear just doesn't learn!