Wednesday, August 08, 2007

D is for David

Ee-gads. I done been tagged again. Claudia Supermom is the villain this time and I just can’t say no to Claudia Supermom.

It’s the Middle Name Game. Mine is David and it goes like this:

D is for… Dany Heatley. Possibly the best goal scorer in the NHL following recovery from his speeding his sports car into an obstacle and somehow surviving. He's thought by some to be a killer. But to label him such is to label the victim the same. He was Dan Snyder, fellow teammate and best friend. He was the passenger and did not survive. But young men seek thrills and young men with outrageous bank accounts draw trouble and it was essentially random which was at the wheel when their luck ran out and likewise who perished and who didn't. More importantly, we can't go putting Heatley in jail because he's the star player for the Ybor City Tabaqueros fantasy hockey team of which I am owner, president, manager, coach, water boy and scout. And we are poised to kick some butt this year! That's right, my little strat-o-matic cohorts! The Tabaqueros are commin' tuh getcha!

A is for… Apples. Don’t much like ‘em. Or any other fruits for that matter. They’re too damn boring. So I don’t eat them. Some may suggest this is not a healthy choice. To you I say, You’re probably right. And I don’t care.

V is for… Vegetables. Don’t like them either. But I eat them anyway because one can not survive on burritos and French toast alone. I can deal with that.

I is for… Illustrated Man. The first Ray Bradbury book I ever read and I think the first science fiction book I ever read. Adored his stories as a child and still do today. Learned some valuable lessons in storytelling from him.

D is for… Dante. And all the other poets who have glimpsed the beautiful dark world behind the illusion. Who've fought the lonely battle knowing it could not be won in their lifetime. Centuries later victory is farther away than ever before. But someday...

I hereby tag all other Davids including Freak Magnet Dave. These are the Daves I know - I know, these are the Daves I know...


Anonymous said...

I have him in my grip... MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Babysitter for LIFE!

Hee! thanks, I don't mind taggy things, but I get nervous asking others to do them.

And you are right. Apples are boring. bluh.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for keeping the Canadian stereotype of all of them following hockey going by giving a Dany Heatley reference. I completely agree with you. Putting him in jail would have accomplished NOTHING. I sincerely doubt he evens owns a Ferrari anymore much less drives fast. Danny Snyder's parents were true models of how to be good people and be forgiving.