Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whiling away at the Want-n-While... Monday

Plonk picked the perfect path for a hike. Here's Vino choosing the perfect walking stick from a very generous selection.

Arrived at a very impressive look-out station.

Had to snap some pictures of mushroom growth just to show Rockin' Roddie. He's the world's foremost mushroom photographer in case anyone didn't know that.
Much reading, writing and cigar-smoking all day with shaved ham, aged cheddar, veggies and fresh basil on a bun for lunch. And then another.

A rollicking Texas Hold'em poker contest ended in bizarre fashion as we tired of the endeavor one by one and adopted suicidal exit strategies.

Paulie-wog and Chili dog did the swim thing but could not convince the rest of us to join them despite Paulie's insistence that swimming was "What cottages are all about." Vino kept us mildly entertained singing, "Mini-wheats-wheats-wheats, la-la-la-la-la-la-la!" all day.
For supper: Thick pork chops in a complex curry rub, a very hearty Greek vegetable salad, oniony garlicky buttery baked potatoes, a 2000 Cab Franc and a 2001 Cab Merlot. Boy, this roughing-it business sure is a struggle!

Plonk placed in the pit a properly packed stack of logs providing an excellent campfire. One of his great many skills. We mourned the absence of marshmellows.


Kathleen said...

I want the recipe for the "oniony garlicky buttery baked potatoes," please!

Dave said...

It is SO not a recipe. Just a matter of slicing up some spuds, skins on or off. Chop up a few onions, toss in some chopped garlic and butter, wrap in a couple layers of aluminum foil and slap on the barbecue for a while 30-40 mins or so. Flip it once or twice so things don't get too black. Don't forget a good amount of salt (I usually grind up some sea salt) & pepper. So easy, so good.