Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whiling away at the Want-n-While... Tuesday

Up at 6:30 again. Explored some foggy photo opportunities. Paulie was kind enough to prep the coffee percolator pot thingamajig [Paulie put the kettle on?] prior to hitting the hay. All I had to do was turn on the burner and then lower the flame at the first sign of bubbling. Managed to muck that up, over-boiled the bastard, bathing the stovetop in coffee and dousing the pilot light. EE-GADS! Give me some hydro and a proper coffee maker! This roughing-it will be the death of me!

Vino, Plonk and I hit a crappy little 9-holer in Sundridge where the greens were tiny and inconsistent but the price was right. Had fun with it though. The rock-hard fairways allowed our duffs to roll eternally, shortening our scores. I finished with a bogey which is like an eagle by my handicap. Great cause for celebration. The highlight though belonged to Cap'n Vino for whom the outing was a treat, given he rarely golfs. On a grassy decline forty feet beyond the tee box he spied an errant tee lying on the fairway in mint condition. He abandoned his clubs to fetch it but halfway to his prize, discovered that his pull-cart, bag and clubs on board, was merrily rolling down the hill without him. He shuffled after it, one hand on his hat and one in the air in a scene right out of the Benny Hill Show.

And to complete the programming day he added regular cereal commercials, singing, "Mini-wheats-wheats-wheats, la-la-la-la-la-la-la!”


Back at the ranch Paulie-wog swam - both in the lake and in his scotch - and upon our return, insisted it was cocktail time for all, citing "That's what cottages are all about."


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Kathleen said...

I do not know the mini-wheat commercial (even after watching the link). Must be a Canadian thing that doesn't get played during hockey games.