Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stuff on Claudia's Cat: Some crazy woman

Yes. This is lame. I know. I'm kind of busy these days!


Claudia said...

Uhm.... Yeah. Thats pretty cool in and odd way.

I am writing again Rich, don't worry! I just haven't updated the word count yet.

Kathleen said...

Pics of cats make me want to leave work and go home to hang out with my cats.

Babs said...

Kat - I don't need a picture of anything to make me want to leave work.

Why is this woman hugging a monitor and why are her veins sticking out so much? Does she have a tourniquet on her upper arm? I wonder if her arm fell off after this photo shoot.

Suki said...

:snortlaugh: - at the pic.
Go, go GO you NaNoWriMers!! Yay!

Oh, and I noticed you've linked me. Thanks, am honoured. :). And with that, I shall continue semi-lurking on your space.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I think she's from the planet Krypton. And this explains the veins and the monitor hugging. Though precisely how, I can't say.

Kathleen said...

Babs - too true.