Saturday, December 22, 2007

More fun at the office

I had nothing to do with this one whatsoever. But still my name is mentioned as a collaborator. I guess I have a reputation.
Oh - and yes. That's a quote from Yoda painted on the wall of our office. We also have quotes from Wayne Gretzky and Jiminy Cricket on our walls. I wouldn't kid you.
By the way - stumbled onto this video. It’s pretty special:


Anonymous said...

hahaha @ some of the reactions! "ruined my childhood memories!" wahh you ninny.

that was a good one, heh!

Babs Gladhand said...

Very festive!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Yes, Supermom, it was quite good, I thought. The "ruined my chilhood memories" comments are from outrageous morons. If you're so fucked up that Kermit the Frog memories are so bloody precious to you than don't click on Kermit the Frog videos on a site called "Funny or Die!" What the hell do they expect? That Kermit and the Cookie Monster were going to practice counting to ten? Honestly people, have a brain, will ya? Or a life. Some people are truly messed up!

Kathleen said...

Work wouldn't let me view the video, apparently because it's related to "Erotic and Sex." *sigh* Will have to try to watch at home.

Love Yoda quotes. I despise Wayne Gretzky, so that wouldn't stay long if I were there.