Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Grill

Walked into the restaurant and was immediately greeted by a man wearing a name tag reading Sunset Grill. Now, his name may indeed have been Sunset Grill for all I know. I have little doubt that one or more persons named Sunset Grill actually exist given the vast population of the world and the rare-but-not-too-rare frequency of humorous naming activity that has made Ima Belcher a reality along with a brother and sister combination named Gonora and Syphilla and of course numerous occurences of both Santa Clause and Douglas Fir Trees.
But this restaurant is called Sunset Grill so I'm thinking we're asking for way too much a coincidence here.
I was sucked into this place by the promise on their sign reading World Famous All Day Breakfast - but wait. I'm sorry. Assuming you live in the same world as I then you must surely already know about their breakfast. So I'll get to the point. Here is the dialogue from this encounter:
Man-who-may-or-may-not-be-named-Grill: Hello. How are you today?
FWG: Excellent, thanks. How are you?
MWMOMNBNG: Table for one?
FWG: Yes please. And how are you today?
MWMOMNBNG: Inside or patio?
(three seconds of silence)
FWG: I volunteered how I'm doing today when you asked.
(two or three seconds of silence)
MWM-etc: Yes?
FWG: Inside please.
What can I say? The man is an enigma. He may be named Grill or he may not. He serves breakfast all day as all the world is aware but how he is doing today, the world may never know.

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Kathleen said...

I find that many people don't answer when you ask how they are because they think you don't actually care, because they obviously don't actually care, even though they asked.

It's not a greeting, don't ask, if you don't want to know the answer.