Monday, June 02, 2008

My Woggathon

In support of noble friend Tommyknockers and his young son who was recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, I participated in the Tourette Syndrom Association of Ontario Walk-a-thon fundraiser.

One of my darling wise-cracker co-workers offered to double her pledge if I were to provide video evidence demonstrating I actually walked in the event.

“Can you really imagine I’m gonna spend an afternoon with a bunch of people swearing uncontrollably without video-taping it?” I replied. “You really overestimate my scruples.”

Well, I raised $345 on short notice and attended the local event armed with shigital camera with primitive video functionality. Let’s find out if I can actually manage to upload the video…

The participants were very disappointingly well behaved. At one point I heard spontaneous shouting, “Don’t eat that! Don’t eat that!” But I looked over and the boy’s dog was trying to eat something so I guess that didn’t count. Oh well. Better luck next year.

But seriously – Nice people, they were. It’s always great to meet new people who are nice.


Dave said...

What? No audio? I was expecting some huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning. Or maybe I'm just used to that while watching other videos...nevermind.

Anonymous said...



How are ya?

Here I am, and here I go...

Anonymous said...

What an experience to wear those.

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