Thursday, August 21, 2008

The wheels... are in motion!

I had a couple meetings with my boss at Ye Olde Information Company this week.

They refused to dismiss me or give me a severance package - no surprise - but we did plan an exit strategy where the company and I will trade favors and part ways between three and four months from now. Basically I will stay on until they can get a new person on board and the successive training completed that will shift everyone involved into their new roles.

And then... look out world! I'll be free from the Matrix. And I'm coming after you!

In other news:

Item one: Completely independent of this circumstance, I was approached by two separate persons this week regarding income opportunities of writing and self-employed natures. How interesting how things fall together.

Item two: Very dear pal, Professor Plonk actually applied for a new job this week. I've only been urging him toward this end for twenty years or so. Did I mention it's interesting how things fall together?

Item three: Also in the realm of expanding my poetic adventures - Crushed By INGSOC has appointed me a guest position on his very most excellent blog. My debut article went up today. I'll be posting there once a month or so.

Item four: As of tomorrow, Friday August 22, 2008, at 3:01 PM -- I am on vacation! Going back to the Want-N-While lodge for a week with Professor Plonk, Cap'n Vino and their new wee dog, Stella who looks adorably ugly and shatteringly cute all at once, in pictures that is.
And also with the excellent Doc Swallows and some chum of hers who I look forward to meeting.

I shall miss you when I'm gone! Back in a week or so.



Dave said...

Ugly? Like I said....sleep with one eye open, my friend.
Update on The Squeeze's application: He got a call for an interview, and immediately called me to ask how I felt about an $18,000 a year pay cut. That's right, he was somewhat mislead in the payscale of the job. That's about a 30% cut in pay. He decided against it, since it would be pretty much impossible to make bill payments. However, he is continuing to apply elsewhere. He's got the taste of blood now!

Dave said...

Oh yes, and further. The good Doc will be staying with us until Wednesday only. Her visiting friends want her to show them around T.O.
I'm sure we'll get by.
I have the solar radio and camping lantern!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

You have a solar radio. I have a vast lake in which to launch things that shall never be seen again! Thus we are both armed for battle!

What? I don't score any points for 'adorable' or 'cute'? Most people say two out of three ain't bad, Sunshine!

Okay - I found the lake on Google maps (I recognize the shape). I'm sure I can find my way there.

See you tomorrow on the summer side of life, Cap'n!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Oh - and I always sleep with one eye open. Does Stella sleep with both open? They're very buggie!

Anonymous said...

That dog is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen here on your blog! Even MORE adorable than my own cat!!!!

baby puppy, I think you are sooo cute! Don't listen to the man... awwww!!!

Crushed said...

I'd love to stop having to see crap and do more constructive things.

Not likely, in the short term.
But we can but hope.

Good lick with the changes! :)

Kathleen said...

Just make sure that you come back after vacation, unlike Flumadiddle.

I have to say that Cap'n Vino's puppy is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Stella, Stella. AustinGirl's gonna dognap your cute doggie pooh. How have you been?