Monday, October 06, 2008

FWG is still alive

Sorry for this regrettable absence. The new and temporary circumstances of my life dictate that I reside in Hamilton while my biological father slowly recovers from a heart attack and many further complications. He's been in ICU four weeks now. My schedule is entirely dismantled and I haven't found much time for writing or blogging.

Actually I did one post recently but posted it at the CRUSHED site instead due to contractual obligation of sorts! It's poetry so I expect that few will be interested but if so it's here:

Duplicity - Part Two: Me, My Priest, My Society

Under the theory that any little old material is better than no material, I offer you, with what limited time I can eek out, a literary snapshot:

I am in the little basement office at Biodad's house, doing some remote work for Ye Olde Information Company (and a little blogging), while on the little desk, immediately beside my laptop, sits a wicker basket, oval, roughly 18" by 14" with arcing handle. In this basket lies a towel and, on top of that, a bushy-browed, scruffy little dog, part poodle, part terrier of some ilk. He's five or six, dark with white markings on legs and chin, dressed in a blue sweater (one of his faves) and is snoozing and occasionally issuing a little snort or quiet whimper.

He wouldn't let me work, constantly standing and pawing my knee and wanting in my arms until we finally discovered this solution. His name is Charlie or sometimes Chuckie McPoochdoggie or Chuckie McBoondoggle since I showed up. He hasn't seen his "daddie" in a month but he seems to enjoy my company.
And we're both getting a lot more walks than usual.

Hope to post more often - even if they're quickies.


Crushed said...

Life isn't always the way we'd want it to be.

I'm sure your father does appreciatev everything- let's just hope he has a bright recovery.

Chuckie McPoochDoggie, that's a good one, I like that.

Sukhaloka said...

Take care, FWG. Been thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You are a new day rising amongst the ruins and the chaos - remember you have been others sanity without even knowing it. FWG please do not hesitate to call if you need anything even if just to blather.
lotsa love and hugs tati

Chris Benjamin said...

good to have a dog around in tough times. always fun nicknaming them too. my cats are moonman and the boshinator.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

All the dogs I know tend to get "Something McPoochSomething" from me so I'm really lacking originality on the canine nickname front but what can I do? It's an instinctive process.

Suki and T-A: Thank you for your thoughts which are always a pleasure to receive.