Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hmmm... What to be thankful for...?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving y'all. Day one of two was spent here at Mission Control (Biodad's home). Tomorrow I'll be up at the farm with my official family.

Today's deliciously awesome menu:

cranberry sauce
spiced yams
broccoli w/ melted cheese
whole wheat rolls
pumpkin pie

And what do you suppose we were thankful for?

No! Not the pumpkin pie! That dad is alive!

Yeesh. You people are incorrigible.


Anonymous said...

were there apples in the stuffing, too? hmm

haha jk

Happy Thanksgiving day to you too.

Crushed said...

I don't know overmuch about Thanksgiving, never having been to one.

The Pumpkin pie sounds good though.