Wednesday, December 03, 2008

god, this is so embarassing:

... but does anyone know how to kill the prophet Regret in Halo 2 for XBox? So I can get this shit over with and go back to being a productive member of society?

I mean - a productive non-member of society?

I mean - an unproductive poet what nobody understands?

I keep whacking the crap out of him and his float-buggy with a salvaged glowy sword and all he does is make alarmed noises and I don't understand if the blood splashes are his or from the endless army of little ninny guards that just never dry up.

Please. Please help me get my life back.


Crushed said...

I hate to say- but I have no idea :(

Halflife, I can help you with.

Anonymous said...

I dunno... but whenever I have difficulty with video games I go to the internet. Does this help?

Anonymous said...

Upon reading a Halo 2 walkthrough, it sounds like the only way you can hurt him is by boarding his chair and punching him repeatedly... other weapons (including the sword) do not hurt him.

Man, I wish I could play cool video games. Thanks for letting me live vicariously though you.

Anonymous said...

lemme go get my 16 year old nephew....


Anonymous said...

Ok he says what he did when he played it (LAST YEAR) was and I quite right off of MSN messenger:

Anthony says:
rather just try harder and use bigger guns

Claudia says:
Have no clue if he has other guns lol

Anthony says:

Claudia says:

Anthony says:
or he can try to get closer to him and press X (to grab his floating chair thing) then just keep pressing B (to punch) and try to get away from him for a minute to regain health because other little guard people should still be attacking

Ok then we said goodnight cause I'm sure he thinks I'm a geek for even asking... but what the hell eh?

Anyhoo good luck, OH and while people are reading this:

Anyone know how to get Lara Croft to successfully grab the ladder box thingy in the Aldwych part of Tomb Raider 3, just past the drill room, right when the flames go out after she passes them? I am seriously STUCK. She keeps falling to her death.

There. Now I'm so embarrassed.

Dave said...

Am I the only one who has absolutely no desire to play these games? I feel so out of the geek loop. :o(

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Thanks guys!! These suggestions actually worked! I have moved on and am now closer to getting my life back.

Anonymous said...

LOL Anthony asked me today about if "Did that dude get passed that level on Halo?"

I went blank, as I don't do Halo, then remembered, lol. He will be glad.