Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Wish List 2008

A meme of sorts from the excellent Viorica:

My top-ten Christmas wish list. It`s supposed to be sincere and so this is. Pass it on if inclined. I don`t know if this will really be the top ten but it will be the first ten that come to mind.

1. Cures for Diabetes, Cancer and AIDS.

2. A comfy security guard job where I can sit at a desk and write for eight hours and get paid for doing nothing.

3. More time with the I.S. (Like twenty hours or so per day).

4. A research assistant who works for free.

5. An agent.

6. An airline ticket to Pondicherry, India.

7. To reach a perfect state of harmony.

8. A cap for the truck.

9. An acoustic guitar.

10. That every living person in the world be... okay.


Anonymous said...

To my special friend:

I hope you get one of your wishes this Christmas, because they are most awesome. Know what I mean?

KWIM? Jellybean?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Oh for crying out loud. Okay - I think I finally Know What you Mean.


Anonymous said...

haha right on, man.