Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dispatches from the Welland County General Hospital - Series Finale

You know how a TV series will often have a ponderously creeping overall plot? Sometimes it doesn’t even budge an inch for episodes at a time. And then they find out they’re being cancelled by the network and so they suddenly rush to a conclusion in the space of an episode or few?

Well, this might be something like that.

My haemoglobin (pronounced homo-goblin according to dear brother) has steadied. A CT scan revealed no conclusions. I appear not to be bleeding at this time. I am home now. I shall soon be seeing a specialist in Hamilton. I am happy and comfortable. The swelling in my paws is almost completely gone.

My arms are happy not to be getting jabbed all the time. You can see why:

Here’s another needle injury which manifested a much prettier result. It is the leg of my favourite nurse; Nurse Val. Her brand new Beatles tattoo. She has another of a yellow submarine.

Upon the day of my release I immediately corrected nine of the ten things I missed most while being hospitalized for one week; all but number seven:

10. Fresh air
 9. Scissors
 8. Class (as in - not involving poop in every conversation)
 7. Rush DVD concert videos
 6. Pants
 5. Toothbrush
 4. Red Wine
 3. Steak
 2. My bed

And number one…
 1. My guitar

Yes. My guitar. Say what you want about my musical capabilities or lack thereof. But the guitar has become as much a part of me as my blood.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's good to hear the end of the story, at least! That's a fun list of things that you missed.

Roger said...

whew! glad you made it!