Friday, March 27, 2015

abdomen [ab-duh-muh n]

I am fat. Enormous, in fact. Over three hundred pounds. It hinders my every pursuit. I perceive it is a death sentence. But it loves itself, this belly. I have gone to war with it but the belly possesses every advantage. If I win 90% of the battles, do I make 90% of the goal and win 90% of the war to lose weight? No. Ninety per cent success at a dieting war gets you a draw if you’re lucky; a steady scale. You must win 99% of the battles just to turn things a hair in your favor. It doesn't seem fair. I must summon every possible weapon.

It feels hopeless.

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IntrepidReader said...

Sadly the food industry loads our food with sugar and fat and that makes us crave more and more of it. I wish it was as easy to get rid of the weight as it was to gain it.