Sunday, June 14, 2015

abroad /əˈbrôd/

Getting lost in Costa Rica in a remote village where no one spoke English or probably ever saw a tourist before.

Taking daily Spanish lessons from the liquor store proprietor while quaffing Cerveza Imperial.

Sneaking down to the beach in Cuba for a midnight dalliance with a cute young local and running smack into armed police.

Waiting in the car while my Trinidadian host hops a fence to poach limes for my vodka and tonics.

Receiving ice cold French fries right out of the fridge at a misguided chip truck operation in Tobago.

Climbing a Mayan pyramid externally and then again internally at Chichen Itza. They don’t allow that anymore.

Watching the brother score four goals in his first pro lacrosse appearance—at USAir Arena, Washington D.C. 

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