Friday, October 09, 2015


I think it’s fairly clear to me that I am currently asleep more than awake.

As usual I do not mean this linearly.

Though I am more forward-looking than I once was, I still reflect on my behavior occasionally. And I peek back at recent blogging now and then. And sometimes look back at facebook posts or comments as straggling replies draw my attention back to them.

I’m rarely impressed by what I see of me. I have not been very quick at consciously identifying the relevant illusions in whatever behaviors surround me. I have not been gentle in nudging people. I have often not been patient.

I have often been eager to express opinions, not so much for typical reasons of ego but from being so eager for others to agree so that I may interpret their minds favorably. Not that the latter motive is freer of illusion than the former.

My blog posts have not been effective in the way I envision they should be. They are lazy and do not explain enough. I probably sound like someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. They are excuses to write so that my word count goes up for the month. Didn’t I decide recently that the blog should be a priority? If so then it should be measured by quality rather than quantity. Or ideally by both, I suppose.

I’ve been spending a great deal of time lately absorbing books and films concerning social and climate injustices which have long drawn my attention but by fluke (library holding patterns etc.) have concentrated of late. And that prompts a lot of opportunity for impatience. The human race is pitiable and insane. I do not use those words at all lightly. It is no limb I tread. I have studied this stuff with an integrity unheard of in the consumer world. We are not sane. And we are not very intelligent at all. Clever for sure. But cleverness is not intelligence. My confidence that humans on average are growing rapidly stupider has recently been bolstered by scientific observation that aligns technological evolution and intelligence across existing cultures. The most primitive cultures in the world produce individuals of the highest average intelligence according to this study, with those of us in the most technological and industrial cultures producing, on average, the dumbest in the world. Sorry to brag but this does not surprise me in the slightest. Apparently the human brain might be most fit to exist in the real world and not virtual ones. Evolution. Go figure.

And already I despise what I have written today. This was not what I wanted to talk about.

I see such obvious and merited routes to swiftly improving intelligence in people and how that intelligence avails stronger consciousness and more pliable instinctive forces. I see the strong connections between intelligence, truth and love and then in books and documentaries how such practical tools, theories and philosophies exist, produced by very intelligent people, which can be utilized by an evolved population to solve all the problems which have grasped the human species by the neck (though we don’t seem to know about that yet). It’s so very easy to lose patience when it seems that no one is listening.

And I have spent the rest of my time preparing for a couple of party events; imitations of the Match Game TV shows which are very effective humour machines. I never dreamed it would take so much time to put these together or I might not have.

Yes me, the TV hater. I have watched a bushel of these shows on youtube, condensing them into 10-minute affairs by knowing how to navigate around all the idle banter (and with no commercials). The timelines are identical every episode.

I’m sure these events will be a hoot. My topics are far edgier then what they are allowed on TV and my friends a little brighter! But still this activity has been sleepy activity, not wakeful in the spiritual sense.

Well, I've written more than I deserve to have read. More soon.

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