Saturday, February 27, 2016

Improving your word power!

Okay, here's what's wrong with your vocabulary! You are not using the following three words enough:


I was getting my hair cut at Ye Olde Hairdressing School when I noticed the teacher using this word a lot. Scragglies are the little occasional strands of hair which avoid the initial power mow of the hair-cutting process, which then need to be agonized over for ten minutes in order to make your head HD picture perfect. Scragglies are why they can charge $19 for a haircut that should have ended after 90 seconds according to my priorities. Mind you I only pay $6 at the school which is a great deal. About a dollar per hour.

speed wiggles

Best I can tell, mostly from watching fail videos (my secret guilty pleasure), this is when you're coasting down a steep road on a skateboard and your speed increases to the point of control loss and you find yourself rapidly swinging left and right, trapped into overcompensation basically. Like when you drive reverse in a car too fast. Speed wiggles are the first step in the extended face plant process.


I just read A Tale of Two Cities in which Charles Dickens uses this term twice, both referring to bouts of gruff masculine social drinking. I'm going to assume this stems from the word buccaneer which is a charming idea! Don't anyone tell me that's wrong. I don't want to know.

So there you go. Enjoy.

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