Monday, February 29, 2016

Intermission in the green room

On the subject of cell phones and the way they improve our lives...

I attended an intermittently-delightful board game session recently. There were four of us and I observed what seems to be a new phenomena in cultural etiquette, perhaps, where, if a participant must divert his attention to his cell phone, then the others just politely wait. At one point I just sat there completely non-engaged for literally five or ten minutes while all three were staring, mesmerized at their phones. Critical matters must have been at hand. I didn’t ask. It’s possible they all live secret lives as on-call brain surgeons and international spies. I don’t know.

So entirely engaged they were and completely unaware of my presence, that I might or might not have entertained myself by picking up each of the game pieces in turn, and cramming each one up my nose for a twirl or two before placing them back on the board, all while they were oblivious.

I shall not confirm nor deny that this did or did not happen. Aside from me, the world will never know.


IntrepidReader said...

BE WARNED. When playing board games with Rich DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM.

Arlee Bird said...

We do live in a strange time. When I'm out in public I look around and at least 50% of the people are staring at their phones or talking on them. Those people must have way more friends than I or have more going on line than I do. I imagine that much of it all is probably trivial, but the way they are engaged you'd think it was the most important thing in the world.

Having a cell phone is great for traveling though. One would have really come in handy for me back in the day when I was working on the road. Dealing with phone booths was not that convenient.

Arlee Bird
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