Thursday, November 03, 2016

Pipe dream

Far and away, the most tragic aspect of this Trump insanity is the reaction of the mainstream which seems to presume him some freak aberration, rather than plain evidence (as if any more were needed) of the simple nature of western politics: that it is a cheap, low-life entertainment, no more noble than dog-fighting or tabloid newspapers; an entertainment serving primarily to distract from, and to smooth, the function of corporate lords to entirely shepherd our lives for their profit; to render our lives mechanical, predictable, meaningless and dependent, against the barest, feeblest whimpers of dissent, and with the burgeoning confidence that we are helpless idiots at their bidding.

I think I have lost hope that western “democracy” will ever be widely perceived as the vulgar extortion racket that it is, veiled by an international shell game. I feel at this ugly moment that there is no excuse for us; that my pity is finally slipping into contempt. And that is a horrible thing to confess.

I’ve about had it with this joke of a culture and my own pathetic complicity and yet I will almost certainly do nothing about it. I can’t even blame Trump for becoming one of the monsters we have chosen to create.

Does everyone know this already? And have agreed to pretend otherwise for the sake of our fleeting comfort and our greed? Am I the only one not in on the joke?

Is the only hope – a laughable razor-thin hope - to root for Trump! With an appreciation for American gun culture! Is it possible his devilry might emerge so much, so soon as to spark a winnable revolution? Might Trump be the enemy of America which rouses her to finally be great?

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